A commonly asked question is, why should I use a travel consultant? To me I think the value is apparent and far exceeds the reasons I’m going to talk about. For those who say I can totally do this on my own, give this a quick read. 

      1) Travel advisors are on top of what the trends are, what’s new and what is exciting 

The world is full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Maybe you want to go to Tokyo to see the 2020 Olympics. Stay in an over the water villa in Bali. Take a river cruise down the Rhine River during the Christmas season and visit several European Christmas villages. Travel consultants have access to the best tour packages and exclusive events around.

      2) Convenience 

We all know reading about vacations is fun, but when it actually comes time to planning it is hard work. Travel consultants travel the world looking at every aspect of the trip. When you book with a consultant if they have not personally been some place they find another consultant who has and will use all the available resources to plan that perfect trip.

     3) They are your advocate

If something goes wrong on your trip, your travel agent will be there for you. Whether it be an act of nature or a problem with a resort they will be the one to get the vacation back on track. They have resources not available to the average person that allows them to get things down that you may not be able to do yourself.

     4) Save you money and/or deliver you more value

Your agent may charge a fee, but if they do they will often be able to offer you a bigger value then you have paid. Cruise lines and a majority of resorts get their customers from agents. Those agents are rewarded with perks and rewards to share with you on your trip. Also they can get you access to private tours, services, and guided events you cannot find on the internet.

     5) Travel advisors add a human touch

Advisors are invested in their clients happiness and satisfaction. They want you to come back and book with them. So they will make sure that your trip is full of positive lifelong memories. The advisor is with before, during and after the trip and while putting together your trip they listen, suggest and adjust to give you that personalized touch.

      6) Added value

Access to value add-ins that the general consumer does not even know about. Have you ever wondered why the couple next to you gets extra attention or a no wait experience? They probably used a travel consultant.

     7) Relationships

As you develop a relationship with your consultant they are able to target the best trips for you. Eventually a simple phone call or email could result in your next vacation already planned.

8)  Most importantly they are AWESOME

They come from all different backgrounds. They are nurses, professors, Mom’s, Dad’s, or like me a global flight medic. They are some of the most well-rounded, funny, and knowledgeable people you will meet, and they all have one thing in common: they are all passionate about sharing the world with you. So take advantage of their services.

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