So you are heading to Europe. Well, one of my favorite places was Belgium.

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Well, one of my favorite places was Belgium. Nestled by the Netherlands, Germany and France it gives you the opportunity to experience more than the local area.  It has historical landmarks for which the continent is famous for and spectacular modern architecture and rural idylls. It’s capital, Brussels, is home to the European Union. 

Flanders, which are in the northern part of the country speak Dutch, and Wallonia, the southern French-speaking area, are frequently in disagreement with each other. Yet despite the apparent incompatibility, the two halves of Belgium come together to form a country that contains some of Europe’s most attractive and historical cities, and is a true “must-see” for any visitor to the continent.

If beer is your thing, Belgium has you covered. For a unique experience try a Trappist brew. These beers have to be made in a monastery and must include a monk involved in the brewing process. Beer is said to have been brewed in Belgium pre-crusades making it a history laden area for fans. 

A favorite place of mine was Brussels, here you can learn about the rich history of the country, find some amazing chocolatiers and enjoy a vast amount of Belgium chocolate. See some amazing medieval architecture and learn about the peeing boy statue. Yep you read it right. Many legends bring the stature to life in the hearts of visitors. My favorite and the most recognized is that the boy was a spy during a siege of the city and he literally foiled the attempt by peeing on a bomb until he put it out. Ending the siege and becoming a hero. Many stories have given the Manneken Pis a place in Brussels, but none would compete with its present-day glory.  The beauty of the annual Tulip Fest which is held between April 4th and May 3rd every year is incredible. It truly is something to see.  

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